Hey, it's Kat with another Trello Bite Tip. Today someone asked me, "How can I delete ALL labels a single board in one swell swoop?"

You can't do it in one swoop, but you can get pretty close. That's by going into the Label List from any card on that board and deleting each label.

You can clear out all labels in just a few minutes... no special tool required.

Here's how...

To access the Label List, open any card or just click the pencil icon while hovering over a card. Click to open the Labels popup window.

Next click the pencil icon for a label you want to delete. You'll find the red DELETE option button at the bottom right. Click it and that label disappears from all cards it was assigned to on that board.

Rinse and repeat to delete the remaining labels.

Note that when you are ready to add new labels to cards on that board, access the Label List feature again from any card, then choose the color you want the label to have, title the label if you want, and click to Create Label.

I show you how quickly and easily to do all the steps above it In the demo video below

Let's get to today's Trello Bites tip in action:


Click the image to watch me demonstrate

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