Once upon a time you used to be able to drag and drop a URL link from your browser directly to create a new Trello card. And you were given the option to making it a linked card (one that opened the link directly when the card was clicked) or a regular Trello card where the featured image from that URL would appear as the card's cover image.

That all changed a while back and these days in early 2023, dragging and dropping a URL to create a new Trello card automatically creates a linked one.

That's fine when you want that to happen. But what about when you don't? What if you  just want a regular card so you can add all the normal things to it, like descriptions, labels, additional attachments, even a checklist or two,... AND you want to add a cover image from that URL in the easily way?

That's what I'll show you how to do in today's Trello Bites tip:


Click the image to watch me demonstrate

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