Stacey Myers is today’s Fast Action Fridays special guest. Being the geeky techy gal that I am, I’m stoked. I have learned so much how-to-get-my visual-stuff-done from Stacey that I’m sure you’ll be eager to up your graphics and visual content usage, too. BTW, not all visual content is an image or photo. Just saying.

Here’s the thing about Stacey … not only is she a whiz at talking graphics, teaching graphics, and creating graphics, she can talk about visual content AND bring it all into perspective with facts and research statistics … without being one bit boring. She’s shared a lot so let’s get to it.

Stacey’s business is helping women turn their expertise into a business. One way she helps is teaching them to showcase their expertise with graphics.

Click the image to watch our interview

If you skipped listening to head straight to her free resource below just know you missed out on a lot of great advice and tips. Here’s some of what we covered:

  • Using Visual Content in Your Marketing — (Well, duh! But do you know why it’s so important to include or how easy?)
  • What Visual Content actually is — (it’s not just pretty pictures)
  • How you can easily start adding more visual content into your marketing, especially into your blog posts to entice your reader in and keep them reading to the end, then take the next step with you. — (That’s your goal, right? Yes? Yay! No? Why the hell not? You can’t rock your business if no one’s interested in taking the next step with you. Fact.)

Fun Facts about Stacey:

  • She used to drive a pie van to all the construction sites and they used to call her Racey Stacey as the name of the van was called the Road Runner.
  • She raised $100,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation and had over 5000 people shave their heads. (Wow! That’s a lot of shiny head awesomeness!)
  • Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride. (I’m not surprised. 🙂 )

Get the Free Resource

Stacey Myers Freebie 17 Ways To Add Visual Content To Your Blog Posts

Click here to get a free copy of Stacey’s 17 Ways to Add Visual Content to Your Blog Posts.

Links to Research Stats Stacey Mentioned

Click here for Jeff Bullas visual content marketing statistics. Here for 10 stats from PollEverywhere that show why 2019 is the year of visual content. And, here to read about the 12 Reasons Why You Should Implement A Visual Content Marketing Campaign.

Other ways to connect Stacey:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/staceylmyers
Twitter: www.twitter.com/staceylmyers
Instagram: www.instagram.com/staceylmyers

Who doesn’t want to make marketing their business easier? I sure do … and I happen to love marketing. (BTW, if you don’t, we should talk. I can help. Click here to schedule a no-strings-attached free 15 minute chat with me.)

Your Turn

Where are you on the love-hate spectrum on creating graphics for your business? You love it 10 … or you dread it 0? Or do you fall somewhere in-between?

Do you have favorite apps or tools you use? Do you hire someone to create graphics for you? Please share in the comments below or in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook.

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