Have you reached that critical point where staying stuck is scarier than stepping into the unknown? 

Are you procrastinating?

More important, what are you doing about it? Are you making excuses … or progress?

Click the image to see how I was stuck plus what I did to finally move forward



Tired of the status quo? Choose your next step …

  • Contact me. Let’s set up a friendly chat and see if we can uncover what’s really got you stuck, stumped, or stalled. Click here and book a convenient time to talk. 
  • Read my post here about Why I Joined the 2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge.
  • This year’s live challenge may be over, but you can still create your own stretch yourself challenge. I highly recommend checking out Kelly McCausey’s SYC workbook. You can see all about it here.


Check out the Facebook Live I did September 3oth where I share how the challenge really kicked my butt … in an awesome great way … I did ask for it and showed up to play big … for MY benefit, though I loved encouraging, supporting, and helping the other challengers, too.

So have a listen as I explain one of my BIG takeaways. Click here to go straight to the Livestream on my Facebook page.

Your Turn

Are you struggling and unclear about what to do next? Have an experience to share about how you got out of your own way? Want to give a shout out to a mentor, coach, friend, or anyone who you appreciate for the lesson they helped you learn that motivated you to take that next action step?

Please share in the comments below or in the Rocking Your Path Community on Facebook.


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