Astrologer Lexis JohnsonLexis Johnson, of I AM the Shift,  shared so generously of her time and talents during today’s Fast Action Friday interview. Not only did she share some valuable information about the past as well as coming year, but did seven … count ’em 7 mini readings for Rocking Your Path community members.

Four of the readings were for attendees who attended the live recording of our interview, plus three more for those not able to attend live but who had submitted their information to me ahead of time. 

Feel free to connect with Lexis via her Facebook group: I AM the SHIFT.

Lexis always posts detailed and deep insights in her Facebook group about what’s happening to the energies that affect us as groups and individually based on her perception and analysis of placement of the planets, moons, and other elements throughout our solar system.

While Fast Action Friday episodes are normally 30 minutes long, we planned ahead for extended episode for Lexis, which turned out to be about 90 minutes today! I’ve edited it down to two replays. Part 1 is about 60 minutes, and Part 2 is about 30 minutes long, and includes four additional mini-readings.

Even if Lexis didn’t do your mini-reading, I’m sure you’ll find what she had to say of interest and some details applicable to you and your life.




I’m looking forward to 2017 … and I hope you are, too!

Feel free to post your thoughts and questions in the Comment section. 

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