Do you struggle deciding where to file all those miscellaneous bits of information and bills that accumulate each month? Especially, paperwork that you may … or may not … need to refer to in the future?

In today’s 7 minute video I’m going to show you exactly where I file a variety of items that I may need in the short term future. Better yet, I’m sharing my thought process so you’ll understand what I love about setting up a auto-purging component to my flexible filing system.

Let’s eliminate those piles and get filing the easy, flexible way.

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How’s your relationship with filing? Do you struggle or find it easy to keep things your paperwork and digital files organized?

Do you ever wonder Where Did I Put That? when you go to retrieve something?

Let me know in the Comments.

    • That’s an excellent system for those who prefer that route. I have a digital filing system, but I personally don’t like to scan everything. I do scan many receipts, though!

    • Great video Kat! Since most of our bills come e-bill I don’t have stacks of paper bills anymore. I’m in the process of purging all my stacks of old reciepts they I was never sure how long to save, some dating back ton1994 when we moved South!

      • Not qualified to give official financial or legal advice, Martha, but it’s my understanding that of those old receipts the only ones to consider keeping are related to business tax records. Receipts for personal items can be chucked, unless for items that may still be under warranty or other historical/sentimental reasons.

  • Auto purge is like the old tickler file, right? Good ideas here . . . this will be a better system for my mom’s paperwork she gets each month that we are not wanting to throw away right away. Thank you!

    • No, not really like the old tickler file. A tickler file is to hold items to be acted upon in the near future. My auto-purge system is a reliable temporary storage place for items that will likely not be needed in the future, hence can easily be purged in future without concern, or items than you may need before next year and likely refiled or trashed after using or review.

      My Easy Organizing and Flexible Filing System also used what I call a YETI file, for a different “yet to be decided” items to file. Let me know if you want more information about my system.

    • I love my papers, too. But I do managed a lot of digital files, as well. I love the Easy Organizing & Flexible Filing System I’ve developed and teach. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more.

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