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It’s easy enough to challenge ourselves then let the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and … cough years cough… go by without stepping out of our comfort zone and actually going for it.

That’s happened to me more times than I care to admit even on projects I was passionate about pursuing. I let procrastination in its many forms block my path.

Has that happened to you?

Sometimes I let fear and doubt creep in to hijack a BIG awesome scary idea.

Sometimes it was that I just let life get in the way. I let the big idea fade away like dandelion fluff in the wind never to return.

Sometimes, the idea goes dormant ready to bloom again with a bit of prodding and nurturing.

Sometimes my priorities changed. And that’s okay. Making myself available when a family emergency pops up is important to me. Needing some dedicated self-care time is important to me. In the past, acute Chronic Fatigue Syndrome literally knocked me out of commission for months. I’ve learned to manage it and recognize trigger warnings. Self-care is a priority.

Freedom and flexibility within my life and business are important to me.

To me, choosing to let go or holding off on a project isn’t procrastinating; it’s being responsible for managing my boundaries.

When the old status quo needs to go

I’ve successfully tackled a good number of big challenges in the past all on my own. However, going it alone can be brutal. Why struggle alone when help, encouragement, and support are readily available?

One of the best remedies I’ve found to combat project procrastination is to participate in a hosted challenge. In April 2019 I surprised myself by rocking an accountability challenge with others in Jennifer Lehner’s Front Row VIP group. A few years ago, I was one of the grand prize winners of the 30 Day Video Story Telling Challenge hosted by Felicia Slattery and Lou Bortone.

The 2019 Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge

2019 Stretch Yourself Challenge

This month, September 2019, I decided to join Kelly McCausey’s Stretch Yourself Content Marketing Challenge. There are 15 challenges to pick and choose from, in addition to any number of challenges you can design for yourself.

The goal isn’t to do them all … the goal is to pick a project and get it done start to finish during the month.

Participants (over 90 of us this time around!) are a fun, friendly, supportive, encouraging bunch. Some more competitive than others, which is totally fine.

My personal goal is to finish at minimum two of the 15 pre-designed challenges, starting with #3 Host A Facebook Live Series. It’s something that’s been on my dormant project idea for what seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

I’ll be hosting the series over in my Rocking Your Path Community group. I’m still fleshing out exactly all that I’ll be sharing but those in the community will be among the first to know. So come on over and join us. It’s free.

Speaking of Free …

You may be wondering if Kelly’s is a free or pay-to-play challenge. Fair enough question. It’s a pay-to-play one. And I don’t mind forking over the bucks. Why? Because when you have skin in the game it’s harder emotionally to back out. You’re more motivated to get it done.

Getting things done is what helps you rock your unique path and prosper with passion and purpose.

That’s true for me … and I bet it’s likely true for you, too.


It's too late to join the Live September Challenge, but it's NEVER too late to Stretch Yourself With The Guide & Training Replays.

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  • I like that! Pay-to-play. Having more skin in the game can generally have me wanting to show up and participate but not always. I’ve paid for quite a few challenges in the past and not finished them.

    For this challenge I am determined to be a finisher! I think being on a team is helping because I tend to feel more responsible towards others and not letting them down.

    • Hey, Maureen. I’ve had a few unfinished pay-to-plays in the past, too. But it’s definitely harder to back out when you’ve paid to participate … and when there’s a team dynamic like we have in this challenge. I don’t want to let my team down! Meet you at the finish line!

  • Kat, I’m like you when it comes to procrastinating. It’s so comfy there that I forget to move. This is my second time around and I came back because I got results the first time, and planning on even more results second time around.
    Oh! And let me tell you that the people in this group are amazing too.
    So I look forward in seeing you in the group and cheering you on.

    • Thanks, Claudette. How exciting that you’re participating as a veteran this time around. That says a lot about your motivation to finish and the usefulness of the challenge itself. See you at the finish line!

  • I could relate to a lot of what you said in the beginning of your post about why you weren’t getting things done that you wanted to get done… been there, done that, have the t-shirt 😉 (Except for the chronic fatigue syndrome – I can’t imagine how challenging dealing with that can be) I love that mentioned the supportive community – that’s one of my most favorite things about Kelly’s challenge. Sure we’re all “competing” to be a finisher and this time around we have teams competing against each other, but we are all still supporting, encouraging and inspiring one another because that’s the kind of community Kelly has cultivated. Great to have you rockin the challenge with me, Kat 🙂

  • Great post Kat!! I am an expert procrastinator and can so relate to letting things go because of fear, uncertainty, boredom, life, etc. That’s why I love this challenge – it pushes us to GET THINGS DONE 🙂 So glad you’re doing a FB live series!! Best of luck!

  • Oh, man, that first line speaks to me! I was going through some old posts earlier this afternoon, and I realized there are so many ideas that I’ve put on a back burner for YEARS!

    Great post! Love that you shared the scenarios of how other challenges have helped and how you expect this one to as well. That’s encouraging!

  • I like that you listed various reasons why you let some of these goals go away. I can relate to so many of them. I’m excited for the challenge you selected and I know you’ll be a success and completing it! To your success!

  • It’s always great when you see smart business people like you sharing that they face the same internal thoughts, struggles, and ideas as myself. I really appreciated your comment about managing our boundaries, taking care of ourselves and our priorities and how it isn’t procrastination. Thanks for that!

    • Ah, Jennifer. I feel the same about smart biz people willing exposing their insecurities. They helped me take a deep breathe and share mine, too. Meet you at the finish line!

  • I sure do relate to taking YEARS to get something off the ground. I know a lot of it has been fear but not sure what the fear is of — but I do know that challenges like this one and then just doing things helps overcome it. I’m so glad you joined the challenge because from where I am sitting you’re already doing a lot of great things and I know this is going to really push you toward the next level.

  • Self care has to be a priority and in and of itself has been a challenge for me! Thank you for pointing that out and also for setting boundaries on our time and efforts. I do find however that taking up a challenge “Intentionally” and not just for the fun of it, has paid huge dividends… We can pace ourselves according to what we need and still reach the Finish Line. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

  • Kat, your experience of participating in previous challenges and STILL joining a new one are encouraging. Makes one think, “hmmm, there must be something special in there.” Good luck!

  • Fear and doubt hijacking a big scary awesome idea … been there, done that! Author Liz Gilbert says if you don’t act on it, it’ll move on to someone else for them to claim (which isn’t always bad, just that it moves on and settles somewhere else). I want to claim some of those ideas and bring them to life! So excited to be doing this challenge with you; I’m taking on the FB Lives as well. 🙂 Other great nuggets in here, but I’ll keep my comment short-ish!

    • Learning the power of setting one’s own boundaries was a big eye-opener for me at the time. I’ve noticed that many struggles now occur when I don’t set or honor them.

  • I definitely relate to life getting in the way! That happens to me so much that is has become a great excuse. That is why I joined the challenge this year. It’s my first time and I’ve already accomplished more than I thought I would have time for.

  • I’m really enjoying seeing the different directions everyone is going with the challenge. Thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward to hearing more about your Facebook Live series 🙂

  • Kat, thank you for sharing both the obstacles you’ve faced and the decisions you’ve made to postpone or let go of projects for the sake of self-care. Self-care is a constant struggle for me, and it helps to learn how other women successfully implement it in their own lives. Rock on!

  • Loved reading your post Kat. While reading I kept feeling the tug of war that was happening inside me. Take it easy, slow-down — Self-Care vs give it all you got — Stretch Yourself. Well I’m in this one with, at least for this month is about the Stretch. My goal is to tackle two projects.

  • Thank you for sharing so many great idea nuggets. My best take away was:
    “Sometimes I let fear and doubt creep in to hijack a BIG awesome scary idea.”
    I have indeed had so many great ideas, and have left them in the dust, do to fear and self doubt. I love that you are challenging yourself to grow beyond those fears.

  • I love the idea of having freedom and flexibility in my life too! I know the procrastination bug all too well also.

    Paying attention to the seasons in our lives and knowing when it’s time to push and when it’s time to rest is important. Sounds like you’ve mastered this and are going to rock this challenge! Woot, woot!

    • Hi Julie. I’ve not mastered those things yet. However, I’m much better than I used to be and that’s progress. 🙂 Appreciate your vote of support and encouragement. Meet you at the finish line!

  • I appreciated the wisdom about choosing when to continue and when to let go. I sometimes have to be reminded how important self care is and the difference between stretching and harming my health. Not always easy to tell the difference.

    • Whether very healthy or health-challenged, there’s always a balance point. I’m glad you’re aware of your particular challenges on that point, Elizabeth. Meet you at the finish line!

  • This was a great post! Unfortunately, I identified with the procrastination part a little too closely! Being in the group certainly helps keep me accountable!
    I love how you focus on self care – that’s something so many people, especially women put off until they are exhausted and/or overwhelmed.
    I also liked how you put the “pay to play” piece in there – might have to use that in a future stretch challenge 😉

    • Hi Renee. Must admit I did seriously ignore the self-care during my first marriage to a farmer…to the point that I ended up in ER and in surgery a couple of times. It didn’t help that I failed to recognize the toxic environment around me until shortly before I left 25 years in. I take responsibility for that now even though during that time I was trying so hard to fit the model my in-laws expected of me, which in retrospect was never going to happen. But it’s made me more careful and aware now. I so agree that being in the group helps with accountability. Meet you at the finish line! Thanks for taking time to read my post and share your thoughts.

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