On today’s Fast Action Fridays, it’s all about embracing our weird traits … the individual and combination of things that make us uniquely us, whether that’s our individual selves or the business environment we represent and promote.

My guest, KiKi L’Italien, is a top nonprofit digital strategy expert, video image consultant, and dance mom. She’s partied with Marilyn Manson (Oh!), put mattifier on Alan Greenspan’s bald head, and was on the television show 60 Minutes for slam poetry.

Don’t miss downloading her fabulous free resource: How to Be Weird and Look Good Doing It. It’s a checklist for people who want to embrace their weird in the best way possible..

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When you embrace the weird you oftentimes find there are other ways to do things you previously ruled out.

Kiki L’Italien

More about KiKi

KiKi runs an online community and podcast called Association Chat for the nonprofit industry. She consults on social media strategies and campaigns while also helping people explore creative new ways to look at networking and connecting with each other.

People also hire her to talk about how to build trust for their organizations and to teach them how to look better on a webcam. Plus, KiKi is a guest lecturer for the capstone Masters Technology Management class at Georgetown University.

She’s also a contributing author to the books, The Component Relations Handbook (2nd edition, ASAE, 2012) and Social Networking for Nonprofits: Increasing Engagement in a Mobile and Web 2.0 World (ASAE, 2010).

Fun and Unusual facts about KiKi:

  • Bill Nye once shared his girlfriend woes with her while she was putting makeup on him before a live shoot
  • She grew up in a haunted house

Get the Free Resource

How to Be Weird and Look Good Doing It – A checklist for people who want to embrace their weird in the best way possible.

Get KiKi’s resource here.

Also, check out this YouTube video where Kiki shares 3 Ways to ‘Add Weird’ to Your Meeting.

Other ways to connect with KiKi:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kikilitalien
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AssociationChat
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kikilitalien/

Your Turn

How about you? Do you embrace what KiKi (and Kat) would consider you’re awesome weird traits? Those things that make you uniquely you? Have you experienced any benefits or disadvantages showing the real you?

Or do you feel safer sticking to whatever corporate or societal box you think others in business expect you to conform to?

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